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HGR Henri Grandjean AG

Your industrial agency in Switzerland

We represent international industrial suppliers

HGR Henri Grandjean AG is specialized in consulting and trading in electromechanical, electrotechnical and electronic products and components. In Switzerland, we represent well-known international suppliers such as E-T-A, LEONI, Gutmann, Littlefuse and Ilinox. As a commercial agency, it is particularly important for us to establish personal contact between suppliers and customers.

HGR was founded in 1957 and has been supplying all of Switzerland with the products of its suppliers since then. More than 60 years of experience in representation guarantee unique service and first-class quality.

What is an industrial agency?

As an industrial agency, our task is to represent international suppliers into markets to which they have no access. Our strength lies particularly in the electronic, electromechanical and electrotechnical areas. We are always interested in further suppliers to expand our range.

For our costumers, this representation means easier access to the international market. We are happy to get your orders and then take care of the rest. We offer the following product categories:

Protect, switch, control, monitor

There are various circuit breakers, overcurrent contactors, relays and power distributors in our range in order to make your electrical installations safer.

Our circuit breakers


Connection technology, terminals, plug contacts

Have you set up your systems but still need the right connections? We have a wide variety of connection technologies, terminal blocks and plug-in contacts in our range.

Our terminal blocks

Power supplies, power packs, transformers, coils

Every industrial plant needs an adequate power supply. Our power supply units in various dimensions guarantee the perfect connections for your system.

Our power supplies


Industrial loudspeakers

Whether it is music or important announcements, loudspeakers belong in many areas of industry. We offer loudspeakers for industrial companies as well as for train stations.

Our industrial loudspeakers


Automation technology and robotics

Robotics is no longer just a dream of the future. From cables and energy supplies to robot tools, we have all the elements you need for your industrial robotics.

Our automation technology and robotics


Wires, strands, cables, pre-assembled lines

Our wide range of products contains wires and strands made of copper, bus and trailing cables, earthing ropes and braided shields as well as pre-assembled cables.

Our wires, strands, cables and assembled lines


Mechanical products, housings and cabinets made of stainless steel

Cabinets and housings made of stainless steel are indispensable for many areas of electronics. We offer various models for installation as well as for preparation. Most of our cabinets and desks are available in different sizes on request.

Our mechanical products


Tools and accessories for cable processing, other products

We are of course aware that cables and wires often have to be processed. They need to be cut, insulated and crimped. Suitable tools will help you throughout all varieties.

Our tools for cable processing



Are you unsure which product fits your needs the best way? We are looking forward to advising you. Please contact us on +41 61 717 86 86 or or fill out our contact form.